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Using langbot to teach languages


Conversational courses are more natural and engaging.

Increased Reach

Facebook messenger has 1.3 billion users every month.

Low Data Costs

Reach learners on the apps they're already using.

Easy to get started

Learners can simply start a chat with your facebook page.

Easy Monetization

Integrated payment system to charge users for access.

Provide Support

Automate replies to common questions.

Our platform makes it easy to create your courses, track your students progress, message students and so much more.

Create Courses

Utilize text, images, videos and more to explain concepts or quiz students

Track Progress

See how your students are doing so you can provide personalized support.

Message students

Message individual students or whole classes through Facebook Messenger*

Train Chatbot

Automate replies using our built in NLP engine or integrate your dialogflow bot.

Manage Access

Easily manage who has access to your courses and for how long.

Accept Payments

All you need to do is set the price for your course. We take care of the rest!

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On top of teaching your courses to students, our AI-powered tutor uses proven techniques to increase engagement and help your students learn faster.


Students can earn points, badges, level up and compete with everyone taking your course

Spaced Repetition

Uses a scientifically proven method to help students remember what they've learned

AI Powered

Uses natural language processing to role-play and have conversations with students



The first bot built on our platform to teach languages has been used by over 300,000 users worldwide who had 20 million interactions with the bot. It also won several awards including one from Facebook and has been covered by some big media outlets.

Using LangBot

So how do I get started with LangBot?


Connect your facebook page

Sign up to our platform and easily connect your facebook page in minutes


Create a course

Set the price for your course and use various templates to create engaging lessons with explanations and exercises


Tell your students

Students can just start a chat with your facebook page on any device to take your courses

What learners are saying about us
  • The method of teaching is the best. I learned so much in only an hour!

    Natasha Galloza

    Langbot User
  • I really like and loveeee this bot because its techniques in teaching and motivating me is very great. I love it. โค๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’Œ

    Reia Formilleza

    Langbot User
  • The lessons are very helpful, and the trifecta of visual, audio and user input makes for a concise and immersive experience.

    Shaun Wells

    Langbot User
  • This is so fun and I'm learning a lot

    Ntshepeleng Leona

    Langbot User

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